May 22, 2012

Tuesday's Kitchen Tip {how to cut a pineapple}

Good evening everyone! Tonight I am going to show you step by step on how to cut a pineapple! This fruit is one of my favorite summer treats and it is especially wonderful grilled. If you pass by this exotic fruit because you fear of not knowing how to cut it properly, fear no more!
When picking a pineapple you want a golden yellow pineapple with a little green. Also, use your sense of smell. If you pick up a pineapple and can smell the sweet fragrance then you have picked a winner! Stay away from bruised or mushy pineapples.

First cut the crown of the pineapple.
cut the top of the pineapple
top of pineapple cut

Then cut the bottom.
cut bottom of pineapple

Now, set your pineapple upright and slice the skin from top to bottom. Try to remove only the skin and minimal pineapple flesh.
cut sides off pineapple

Next, carefully remove all the eye spots with a paring knife.
cut these little piece of rind with paring knife

Now you are ready to slice your pineapple. Slice your pineapple to your desired thickness. If you like, core the pineapple carefully with a paring knife.
coring a pineapple

I love grilling my pineapple. You can grill it plain or marinade your slices. There are many marinades you can create with a combination of honey, lemon or lime juice, cinnamon and other spices. I like mine just as is and placed on a greased grill. The natural sweet juice is enough for me to indulge in this delicious treat. Grill until these divine grill marks are apparent. As you can see I left the core in my grilled pineapple slices. Next time you are at the grocery store do not pass up a fresh, ripe pineapple, there is no comparison!grilled pineapple

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  1. Those grilled pineapples look wonderful. Years ago, when I worked at Disney World, in Adventureland, they used to top the hambergers with pineapple. They were awesome. Also, if you live where there is warm weather year round, you can plant the tops that you cut off and grow your own pineapples. It usually takes about 3 years to get your first fruit.

  2. Oh.M.Gee. hehehe, I want this right now!! I just came back from swimming for over an hour and this would be divine at this moment :) A smoothie will have to do, but I can't wait to drill some pineapple. I love pineapple all around - fresh, in salads, in smoothies with coconut milk...mmmm. Love the step by step!

  3. I've been making smoothies a lot lately with fresh fruit & this tip is so helpful!

    Love your blog~ I'm giving you the Liebster Blog Award!

    Check out your feature at!


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