January 26, 2012

Melted Crayon Hearts

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This project is so much fun for the kids. I highly encourage you to allow your kiddos to experience the process of making these fun Valentine Crayons.
I have been wanting to do this project with my family for quite some time now.
I have finally allowed enough time to complete this exciting Valentine!
We had a huge bucket of used crayons waiting to be transformed into
creative, family fun!

Fist step:
Peeling off the crayon paper is time consuming! In this process your kids will be a big help. Even my four year old helped! I set a big bucket of used crayons in the middle of the table and an empty tub for the peeled crayons. I left it there for a few days, so when we had down time we would peel off the paper. 
It was also a great conversation starter for all of the family.

* I did not use any brown or black crayons.
If you want a more softer look use less blues and purples.

cut crayolas

Second Step:
Place cut Crayons in a heart shaped silicon pan and bake @ 250 degrees for 10-15 min.
crayolas in a heart shaped pan

Allow the melted crayons to completely cool before removing from pan. The top of the heart will look different than the bottom. Be patient for the heart crayon to dry because 
this mosaic look is at the bottom :)
After cooling you will have an awesome Heart Crayon Valentine! 
You Color My World

These cute Valentine's are going to my little man’s preschool class!
You color my world valentine



  1. This is on my list for my daughter birthday party!! I got cute butterfly shapes. Can't wait!! :)

    And, I am SO excited to be a part of 14 days of love with you!! Thanks for stopping by today! I'm following your cute blog!!

    I can't wait to see what you bring to the series! :)

  2. These crayons are so cute! I have heard about melting crayons and you make it so easy. I have to try it. I just read your comment on our blog about how your sweet husband is returning in March and how you haven't seen him since September! Bless your heart!! I can only imagine how hard it must be. Know that I am thinking about you . . . and I hope that you have a wonderful time together in March!! Have a great night!

  3. Those are super cute!!! I like how the white looks against the rest of the colors.. weird, I know but its a cool contrast. So does it come off the pan pretty easy or are they done after this project? Good idea!!

  4. Thanks for visiting! I love these crayons, we sure have our share of broken crayons and my daughter would love them in a heart shape!

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  6. I really need to do this with my little guy's 'reject crayons.' lol. I keep seeing it and not making time to try, but they're just so cute!! I am so glad you linked up to Shine on Fridays this week! Hope you'll be back next Friday!

  7. Such a cute idea for preschool valentines! Love it!

  8. My boys and I did this today, fun. http://myworldhandcrafted.blogspot.com/2012/02/craftn-with-boys.html

  9. what a great idea! have to try this. new follower here!




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