January 17, 2012

Tuesday's Kitchen Tip {how to prevent your cutting board from slipping}

Hello All! I hope everyone is having a fabulous day :)
I am starting something new today;
every Tuesday I will be posting helpful tips for you to stay more peaceful in the kitchen!

Here is today's tip :)
Do you have a cutting board that slides while in use?
If so, here are a few tips to keep your cutting board in place!
1. Place a damp paper towel or a thin dish towel under the cutting board. This will allow the cutting board to stay in place while you finish preparing your meal. When wetting your towel  ring out as much water as possible.
2. Non-slip shelf/drawer liners also work well and allow your cutting board to stay put.
Hope these tips help you in the kitchen this week!

Here is a look at a few cutting boards I would really enjoy in my kitchen!

Bamboo Crumb Board
Totally Bamboo's Crumb Board is ideal for cutting and serving breads of any type. The Crumb Board has an open pattern that allows crumbs to fall into tray underneath, keeping your workspace crumb free!

Dexas Popware Over-the-Sink Collapsible Strainer Cutting Board
I love how this cutting board frees up and cleans up valuable counter space with this versatile over-the-sink strainer and cutting board combo. Rinse fruits, veggies and more in the collapsible and removable two-and-a-half-quart silicone strainer on one end and then chop them on the other end. The durable poly board is nonporous and will not dull knives. And since it rests over your sink all the mess just falls right into the basin and it is dishwasher safe.

 K. Adams Artisan Cutting Board - Mirror
This maple wood cutting board is treated with food safe antique stain so you can use it for serving, cutting or simply collecting. Convenient cut out hole and elongated handle let you carry or hang the cutting board with ease. Lightly distressed to add character .

Have a wonderful day!
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  2. I love the artisan one the best.


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