August 7, 2012

Cool Cucumber Sub

The first time I saw a cucumber sub was of course on Pinterest!
You can find the original pin here at
Make the Best of Everything.
I thought it was such a cute and light lunch option! I quickly had to try one and then tell you about how fun it was to make! I will admit it is a bit slippery if you peel the skin, but if you are looking to cut those carbs this is a wonderful idea! My older kids loved this idea and it will definitely be going in their lunch boxes this year :)
My younger one could not keep it in his hands and decided to eat his open faced. Either way it was a healthy lunch everyone enjoyed!Cucumber Sub

There are so many options, so do not stop at my ingredient list! Hummus, egg salad, and tuna salad would be another great option in these subs!
What's in my sub...
English cucumbers
deli turkey
crispy turkey bacon
chopped tomatoes
low fat cream cheese, softened and seasoned with a sprinkle of garlic and herb seasoning
a few turns of fresh ground pepper

I served this lunch with hummus chips!

First wash and seed an English cucumber. You can leave the skin on, but I chose to slightly peel mine!

Then fill one cucumber half with soften cream cheese and then placed the turkey, turkey bacon, tomatoes, on top of the cream cheese. Close with the other half of the cucumber and you have a cool, low calorie lunch!


  1. I think this is a fabulous idea and a great replacement of a bun! Genius!

  2. I love this idea! The crisp, cool texture of the cuke is so great for summer, and this makes it a more substantial meal. yum!

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  3. What a fun idea! Love,love, love the cream cheese spread.
    Thank you for linking up.

  4. Awesome idea! I'm going to try this ;)


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