June 25, 2012

Guest Post Line Up

I am so happy to announce that my husband is flying over the Atlantic Ocean as I type. Pick up time at the airport is at 2:00 today and I am so excited. Signs are made, Father's Day presents are in line, house is almost done, and a meal plan from out of this world is prepared! I cannot wait!

I am so blessed that these lovely ladies have volunteered to guest post for me while my husband is in so I can give him my full attention!

If you do not already follow these amazing cooks, please do! A big thank you goes out to all my guests...

thank you

The Fountain Avenue Kitchen

Tuesday June 26th

Walking on Sunshine
Thursday June 28th

Cherished Bliss- {my sister}
Tuesday July 3rd

Rants From My Crazy Kitchen

Thursday July 5th

Sweet Heat Chefs

Saturday July 7th

Chew Love

Tuesday July 10th

Tales From a Kansas Farm Mom

Thursday July 12th

Please go visit these wonderful women when you have a chance!
They have amazing stories and family, fun recipes to share!


  1. Enjoy this time with your husband!

  2. Thanks for the shout out and please enjoy your time with your hubby and thank him for his service!


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