March 21, 2012

Tuesday's Kitchen Tip {how to get the most juice from your lemons}


Today I am going to let you know how I get the most juice out of my lemons. I love cooking with fresh lemon juice and adore a fresh glass of lemonade on a hot summer day!

First, let your lemons reach room temperature.

Then roll the lemon with the palm of your hand several times back and forth to help release the juice inside.

Roll lemon with palm of hand

Next, cut in half and use a lemon squeezer of your choice and squeeze :)

Juicing a Lemon

When deciding how to pick your lemons from the grocery store stay away from rock hard lemons. You want your lemons to be firm, but give a little. Also, pick nice yellow lemons and stay away from ones that are still green or light in color. Avoid ones with marking, bruises, and open cuts.

Hope you found this kitchen tip useful!
Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


  1. okay, now i need a lesson on how to know which orange to get and there was another item that I was going to buy but had no idea if hard or soft was good... they really should have these tips up on a wall or something at the store! Great post!

  2. I juice mine the exact same way. I even have the same yellow hand juicer! Love the blog! I am going to follow you now. Have a great day!

  3. i actually have always wondered how to select lemons. very useful!

  4. Great tip. Thanks for linking up to Terrific Tuesdays.


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