March 15, 2012

Guest Post {The Johanson Journey}

Hey Blog Friends!! My name is Janette from the Johanson Journey

I’m proud to be a guest blog with Audra while she gets some MUCH DESERVED one on one time with her sweet hubby and kiddo’s while he is home for R&R from Afghanistan!! My husband is in the Army and has left for 2 tours over seas so there is nothing more special than this time!! I’m thrilled to be here but I’ll admit—I’m not the best when it comes to the kitchen!! In fact, I own a Kitchen-aid mixer and it is tucked away in a cabinet with a thin layer of dust from not being used.. so you may wonder—what in the world am I doing on a Cooker’s blog!??!

I love food and I admire those who can cook but I’m not going to lie—when I hear words “from scratch” written for any recipe…. I tuck and run as FAST as possible.

So I’m showing you the full time working mom of 3 kids under the age of 4 way…… which is why I call my post the HALF WAY… b/c that’s all I have time for… the easy version.
{Note: This post is PG-13 and not intended to offend…these can be used for a bachelorette party, breast cancer awareness month, a sweet joke for a friend who might be getting enhancements… or just for fun}

First up you will need a tube of sugar cookie dough, fun sprinkles, icing of your choice and a heart cookie cutter that you might have to borrow from a neighbor because you don’t actually own one yourself.


I spray my cookie sheet with PAM for baking with Flour because it seems to work the best!


Sprinkle a little flour on your counter to help keep the dough from sticking and if you have a roller, you can use that to spread it out.


Using your heart cookie cutter, gently cut out your hearts to be baked as shown. 


Now here comes a sticky situation…. do you see my hearts puffing up and losing their shape!? ME TOO!! UGH!! I have no idea how to stop this…. 


So to correct this problem… I come up with my next step…. I take the cooled down cookies and RE CUT them with my heart cookie cutters. No one has to know.. it can be our secret…

IMG_1966 IMG_1967

Next up is the decorating… yes I went a little nuts because they were turning out so darn cute!! I will admit, my creativity for types of bras was running low…but basically I spread the icing on and used toothpicks to help get the icing evenly spread and used them also for helping to place some of the sprinkles..

IMG_1968 IMG_1969 IMG_1971 IMG_1972 IMG_1975

For the professionals out there……You’ll need a fabulous Sugar Cookie Recipe. Next you’ll need a Royal Icing Recipe. Before you dive in, make sure to read over Sweetopia’s Top 10 Royal Icing decorating Tips and 10 Royal Icing Mistakes to Avoid. Marianne of Sweetopia, creates some awesome cookies that I thought I would try and also got this idea from How Does She Blog…..
Thank you Audra for inviting me to guest post.. I promise you and your readers I am more of a G to PG kind of blogger but every now and then trying something fun like this is worth a shot! Enjoy!!
If I haven’t scared you off, stop by and visit!! I love meeting new blog friends!

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