November 29, 2011

Sweet Fried Potatoes

Try these tasty, sweet fried potatoes to compliment any lunch or dinner menu!

 I know frying is not healthy, but lately I have been feeling naughty, so I fried these sweet potatoes in vegetable oil and served them with a light dash of creole seasoning. I am from the south and you know here in the south if you have any doubt in the kitchen, FRY it!

I enjoy preparing food too much, so I better learn to love running :)

What you need:
4 medium sweet potatoes washed, peeled, and diced
Creole Seasoning
Vegetable Oil

You can easily make this side dish healthy by evenly coating with olive oil and seasonings, place on a baking sheet, and bake at 400 degrees until potatoes are tender and as crispy as you like.

In a large frying pan cover the entire bottom of the pan in oil and heat (I use an inch or so of oil when frying). Turn on the stove to "Medium-High" heat and allow the oiled skillet to heat up for three minutes. You can test the oil by placing one diced potato in the greese and if it bubbles and floats your oil is ready!

When frying potatoes place all potaotes to one side of the pan creating a pile of potatoes to prevent splashing the oil. Then with a splotted spoon or spactula gently spread the potaoes out evenly.

Stir often to prevent sticking and burning.

Once your potaoes are golden brown turn off heat and remove potaotes with a splotted spoon or spactula and drain well on paper towles. Lightly season with salt and pepper or creole seasoning.

FYI- If you are ever out of paper towels, coffee filters work great for draining too :)

When frying always use safety!
-Never fry in glass
-Have a lid near and
-Always have baking soda on hand

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  1. That looks sooo tasty. The only problem is that I am scared to death of frying stuff. I need you to do a post on frying. :) haha

    Here from Sunday Social!


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