February 11, 2011

Happy, Little Snack

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You have been running errands all day and the kids are super hungry and you haven’t even had a chance to start dinner. Beware…drive thru windows are tempting you right and left on the way home. Your children are even whining, “Mom, can we stop there and eat.” Stop and think for a second! What quick fix do I have at home? Offer a small plate of fruit with crunchy mini rice snacks and a dipping side of fruit yogurt. A happy, little snack such as this will conquer the hunger inside your darling little ones without filling them up on empty calories. Now you will be able to prepare a nourishing dinner with peace.

If you have older children they can help organize a healthy snack for little ones. Having your older children help prepare healthy snacks for their younger siblings not only helps you out, but teaches them how to prepare healthy snack alternatives for their children in the future!

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