August 27, 2013

3 Ingredient Orange Julius {Dairy Free}

Hey everyone! I know I haven't been around much the last few months, but my children have kept me busy all summer long. Now that the kiddos are back in school, I can breath for just a moment and share a yummy recipe with you.

This drink is very similar to the original Orange Julius, though it may not be exactly the same, it is just as delicious! My family adores this recipe and I hope you and your family will too. This Dairy Free Orange Julius is a perfect way to start the day!
I know you are ready for the recipe, so let's get started...

Dairy Free Orange Julius

All you need is:
makes 4 1/2 cups
3 cups Simply Orange Juice
1/4 cup So Delicious French Vanilla Coconut Milk Creamer
1 1/2 cups of ice

Ingedients for Orange Julius

First shake both creamer and orange juice. Then add all ingredients to the blender and blend well. Serve immediately and enjoy!


  1. This sounds wonderful and my name is also Audra! haha

  2. Thanks for stopping by, it's nice to meet you! Audra's are unique people, as you don't meet many!


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